Creating jobs!

Yeah..right. This is probably the biggest and most serious misconception in the ambitions of all the conventional political parties today. It’s also one of the most embedded and widespread.

To expect to base the future of our society on the concept of enabling people to access a life via a job is farcical. For the following reasons:
  1. Advances in technology continue to reduce the amount of human labour required. This is a good thing. Surely we want less drudgery, not more. Let the machines do the work, freeing humans to…be human!
  2. Creating jobs reduces people’s time, energy and resources available for self, family and community, whilst increasing consumption for no good reason.
  3. Creating jobs implies an acceptance of servitude. Do modern Kiwis only deserve a life if they do something perceived to be of value by people with money?

Why do we believe we only deserve a life if we have performed some involuntary task prescribed by those above us in the food chain?

Has the Covid 19 experience not exposed the insanity of needing a ‘functioning economy’ to allow humans to access the necessities of life?

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